Entering your CCP Activities

Social Workers must input/update their CCP activities in the CCP Log located on their Member Portal in order to renew their registration.

Members who have been registered in the practicing category for any portion of the 3-year cycle will be required to complete a pro-rated number hours based on their time in the practicing category.  To review individualized CCP hour requirements members can log into the Member Portal and review the continuing competence section.

Use this Continuing Competence Program Renewal Checklist to review the annual and cyclical reporting requirements due at renewal in February annually.

Download the Continuing Competence Tracking Log for personal use or if required to submit the tracking log due to a conditional renewal.

Recording/reporting informal hours may include:

  • notes on content/reflections related to reading materials, webcasts, documentaries, community presentations, organized group discussion etc.
  • signed verification by representative of an organization or employer of organized group discussion hours.
  • record informal hours by entering the time it takes to complete the task and note your reflections.

Maintain a CCP Portfolio with all records, documentation and verification.

Due to the volume of members, College staff are unable to review and confirm CCP log entries.  Please use the CCP Toolkit to navigate the program and confirm accuracy of entries.  The College will review CCP portfolios in the event of an audit.