Members will be required to demonstrate evidence of how their CCP activities fulfill the CCP requirements in the event of an audit.

(a) Formal activities

  • participating in certificate programs;
  • attending conferences, seminars, conventions, workshops and lectures;
  • interactive webinars/e-learning;
  • attending cross cultural training;
  • participating in traditional sharing circles, teachings or ceremonies
  • attending workplace in-service training;
  • participating as a student or lecturer of university or college courses;
  • delivering a university or college presentation as part of a course, conference or seminar;
  • acting as a field instructor for an accredited (CASWE, CSWE) or MCSW approved social work programs (maximum CCP 10 hours per registration year April 1 – March 31);
  • researching issues related to the practice of social work and publishing research results;
  • volunteering with community social service organizations in a direct service capacity;
  • volunteering as a board or committee member for a community agency related to social work or attending meetings of a board or a committee related to social work;
  • participating in a committee or chapter of the Manitoba College of Social Workers;
  • attending the Annual General Meeting of the Manitoba College of Social Workers

(b) Informal activities

  • reading journals, books or internet material;
  • viewing videos and webcasts;
  • attending community presentations and learning sessions;
  • participating in organized group discussions;
  • completing a self-assessment and preparing a learning plan for the Manitoba College of Social Worker Continuing Competence Program (maximum CCP 2 hours)