Within every 3-year CCP cycle* Practicing Social Workers must participate in a combined total of 8 formal hours of workshops that include each of the following topics:

  • MCSW Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice
  • Social Work with Indigenous Peoples

For example, a member might complete 5 hours of learning activities on the topic of Social Work with Indigenous Peoples and 3 hours of learning activities on the topic of the MCSW Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice.  Another example, if you have 8 hours on the topic of MCSW Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice, then you must obtain a minimum of 1 hour in Social Work with Indigenous Peoples to be compliant with the program (or vice versa).

The 8-hours of workshops may be included as part of the overall 75-hour/3-year requirement.

 (a) Ethics e-Learning 

*All new Practicing Social Workers are required to complete the MCSW Ethics e-Learning within the first year of registration.

This online workshop includes 12 modules specifically related to the MCSW Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice.  Review of both the MCSW Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice is required prior to beginning the Ethics e-Learning workshop.

The review and the e-Learning will take approximately 2-4 hours to complete and is eligible for 4 hours of CCP activities.

Workshop Registration

To register for the MCSW Ethics and Standards e-Learning workshop, members can click here or use the Ethics e-Learning button on the MCSW home page and follow these steps:

  1. Create a new account
    An e-Learning account is different from a member’s online MCSW member profile. Members must create a new username and password.
  2. Confirm account by email
    An account confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address from noreply@viewsource.ca. Check junk or spam folders if not found in inbox. Contact the College at 204-888-9477 if needed.
  3. Once the e-Learning account is confirmed, registrants can login
  4. Read through the e-Learning outline and submit workshop fee ($25.00)
  5. Begin the e-Learning workshop

Once registered, members can login from the MCSW website anywhere the internet is available and complete the e-Learning modules as time permits.  E-Learning progress will be saved as members work through the modules.

A Certificate of Completion will be emailed to members following completion of all modules of the Ethics e-Learning.  Members should add the Certificate to their CCP Portfolio and retain for 5 years in the event of an audit.  Members are required to enter these hours in their CCP log located in their Member Portal.

(b) Updated Guidelines for Content Specific Workshops

As of May 2021 Content Specific Workshops no longer require College pre-approval and no longer have a separate timeline from the 3-year cycle.


Is The Workshop/Learning Activity/Event “On Topic”?

Does the workshop(s) content meet the following criteria?

  • MCSW Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice
    • formal activities related to;
      • Manitoba College of Social Workers Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
  • Social Work with Indigenous Peoples
    • formal activities related to;
      • the history, culture and spirituality of Indigenous Peoples
      • Canada’s relationship with Indigenous Peoples, and
      • Reconciliation, mutually respectful relationship and cultural safety


Is The Workshop/Learning Activity/Event a formal activity, in other words is it interactive?

Workshops are defined as continuing competence activities that include an interactive component. Examples include in-person workshops, live webinars that include interaction with presenters (audio or written), on-line training that includes input from participant (i.e. quizzes, tests, practice scenarios) and events with interaction with facilitators. Webcast hours are not eligible for submission in this category.

If “On Topic” And Interactive

If the workshop is an “on topic” and interactive learning activity members must complete a Content Specific Workshop Evaluation Form and retain it in their CCP portfolio.

Content Specific Workshop Evaluation Form

(c) FAQ’s

  1. How do I learn about upcoming free MCSW and/or CASW webinars?
    • MCSW advertises webinars delivered in partnership with CASW on the MCSW website and circulates this information through member e-bulletins.  You can also access a complete list of webinars offered by CASW in partnership with other provinces and territories on the CASW website.
  2. Are there other online interactive learning options related to Social Work with Indigenous Peoples?