Competence is maintained and acquired through reflective practice, lifelong learning and integration of learning into practice. Practicing Social Workers must complete a self-assessment of their learning needs and goals. Based upon that assessment, they must develop a learning plan with objectives to be self-evaluated and updated annually as part of the registration renewal process.

Practicing members are required to submit their first self-assessment and learning plan within 30 days of the activation of their registration.  The learning goals identified in this plan will guide CCP activities to be completed during the current three-year cycle.

Updated self-assessment and learning plans will be due at the beginning of each three-year cycle for all practicing members and will be part of your renewal in February 2022 and will not be accessible prior to February 1st.  The self assessment and learning plan in your Member Portal refers only to the current cycle (which end on March 31, 2022).

On April 1, 2022 the self-assessment and learning plan that you completed as part of your renewal will then be accessible on your Member Portal for the full three year cycle.

Hard copies of the Self-Assessment and Learning Plan are available as a tool only.  Members must submit assessments and learning plans electronically as part of the renewal process.  Paper copies of the form are not accepted.