The College endorses the recommendations of Manitoba Health, Shared Health and Health Canada regarding general guidelines related to the prevention and monitoring of COVID-19.  Social workers are encouraged to provide service remotely whenever possible.  In the event that in-person services are required, social workers should review the general workplace guidance provided by the Government of Manitoba.

The Province of Manitoba – Workplace Precautions

Contact Tracing

Social workers providing or considering providing in-person social work services should be aware of the possibility that health officials may require the disclosure of client information for the purpose of “contact tracing” in order to respond to this pandemic.  In the event that a social worker and/or a client becomes infected with COVID-19,  it is possible that health officials may require disclosure of the names of those with whom the social worker has had contact in order to mitigate the public health risk.  Given that compliance with any health orders or laws is mandatory, social workers  must consider this possibility when deciding whether to provide in-person social work services and ensure that the possibility of disclosure of client names in these circumstances is included as part of confidentiality/informed consent discussions and documentation.

The following resources provide additional guidance to social workers providing ongoing services that require home visits/direct contact with clients:

Department of Families – Service Practice Guidelines

Department of Families – Family Visitation

Social workers employed with Manitoba Families in CFS Agencies, CFS Authorities and Community Care can find additional practice information here: