Social Workers have a long tradition of stepping forward during times of crisis to aid their fellow community members.   Some social workers have been redeployed or asked to provide services outside of their usual range of work.  In all cases, social workers must ensure that they are competent before providing services.  Social workers are encouraged to consider the following questions prior to undertaking new tasks:

  1. Am I competent to provide this service?
  2. Have I received sufficient training to provide this service safely?
  3. Will I receive adequate supervision to ensure I am providing the service safely and appropriately?
  4. Is the task a “reserved act” as defined in The Regulated Health Professions Act? Am I legally entitled to perform this task?
  5. Does my personal/employer’s professional liability insurance provide coverage for me to perform this service?
  6. Is this service/task consistent with the MCSW Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice?
  7. Do I need to consult further with my employer or with the College prior to proceeding?