Temporary changes to accepted mental health practitioners

Social workers are included as mental health professionals along with psychologists for all Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP) members and eligible dependants, regardless of where they are located.

To be covered for services by a social worker all claims must be sent by mail using a completed PSHCP Claim Form (PDF, 614 KB) for Supplementary Coverage or a PSHCP Claim Form for Out-of-Country Claims for Comprehensive Coverage. Attach supporting documentation (original receipts, bills, invoices, physician or practitioner statements, and/or questionnaires, etc.). Mail the form to the address indicated on the form along with the supporting documentation.

The Government of Manitoba has partnered with Morneau Shepell to provide free mental health support to residents of Manitoba during the COVID-19 pandemic through AbilitiCBT.  Many social workers are contracted to provide this service through Morneau Shepell.  Starting on October 13, 2020, Manitoba Residents aged 16 or older who are coping with mild to moderate symptoms of anxiety are eligible for up to two free counseling sessions through the Mental Health Virtual Therapy Program.


Many resources have been developed relating to key mental health and psychosocial support considerations.  Members are encouraged to reach out to each other and take time for self-care as our profession steps forward to provide services and support to others.








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Health and wellness resources for health system staff https://sharedhealthmb.ca/files/covid-19-health-and-wellness-resources-for-staff.pdf