In accordance with The Social Work Profession Act, only members of the Manitoba College of Social Workers can use the title “Social Worker” or represent themselves as Social Workers, expressly or by implication, regardless of position, title or designation.

The Social Work Profession Act states:
74(1)   A person who employs another person as a Social Worker must ensure that the Social Worker is registered under this Act during the period of employment.

All practicing Social Workers in Manitoba must be registered with the College. There are several routes of entry into the College for Social Workers, which include:

Accredited: This route is appropriate for applicants who have graduated from a Canadian university Social Work degree program which has been accredited by the Canadian Association for Social Work Education (CASWE). If you have a Bachelor of Social Work degree, a Master of Social Work degree, or a Doctorate degree in Social Work from an accredited Canadian social work program, you will apply through the Accredited route.

Approved: This route is appropriate for applicants who have graduated from a Manitoba-based Social Work education program that is not accredited by CASWE but is approved by the College. Currently, Booth University College is the only non-accredited Approved program in Manitoba. Other applicants eligible for the Approved route of entry are graduates of American universities accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

Substantial Equivalency: The Substantial Equivalency route of entry recognizes current practitioners without a social work degree who are able to provide evidence that they have functioned as a Social Worker safely, competently and ethically for at least 5600 hours in the previous 5 years and demonstrate that they have formal social work-related education.  Applicants assessed to have met the Practice Experience and Education criteria must then write an exam to demonstrate adequate theoretical social work knowledge.

International: Applicants who have completed an international Social Work education program must complete the International Assessment of Credentials process through the Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) prior to applying for registration with the College.