Registered Social Workers (RSW) may have practice limitations and/or conditions under which they must practice.  These practice limitations and/or conditions will be listed on their Certificate of Practice and on the public Register of Social Workers, available on the Manitoba College of Social Workers website .  RSWs who gained membership via the grandparenting route of entry have demonstrated competence in a specific area or areas of social work and are limited to practicing within approved area(s) only.  For example, an RSW with a practice limitation of Addictions Services may only practice social work in the area of addictions and may not practice social work in another setting such as general Counselling/Assessment.

A member’s social work practice may also be subject to one or more conditions.  Conditions are also reflected both on the RSW’s Certificate of Practice and on the Register of Social Workers.  Examples of conditions include the completion of specific training or supervision.  RSWs are required to practice in compliance with their condition(s).

Practice Limitations – Information Sheet