The College and employers can work together in a number of ways:

  • Employers may refer to the Manitoba College of Social Workers Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice to determine reasonable expectations of the Social Workers that they employ. The Standards of Practice set out the minimum standards of professional practice and conduct and can be used by employers to inform practices and set policies.
  • Employers may verify a Social Worker’s registration on a yearly basis by accessing the College’s public register.
  • Although they are different processes, a Social Worker’s Continuing Competence plan can complement an employer’s performance review. A workplace performance review can provide feedback suggesting practice areas in need of improvement, from which a Social Worker may develop aspects of their learning goals. An employer can be helpful in assisting a member to identify learning activities to reach their goals, and an employer may be able to provide support, such as time off to engage in professional development, or learning resources, such as seminars or reading materials.
  • Employers and the College can alert each other to issues, practice trends or new legislation that affect Social Workers. This helps both the College and employers keep current with practice realities.