Q.  What could slow down the application process?

A.   Issues that slow down the application process:

  • Incomplete applications.  Applications are not complete until the $100 fee has been paid and all documents have been submitted.
  • Receiving documents electronically when the original document is required (refer to STEP 2 on how to submit documents).
  • Receiving any/all transcripts or letters of eligibility to graduate from the applicant and not directly from the academic institution(s) Registrars office (correspondence from the registrars office must be in the original unopened sealed and stamped envelop).
  • Receiving transcripts that do not indicate “degree awarded” (i.e., ordering a transcript before the degree is conferred).
  • Receiving a letter of eligibility to graduate when the transcript is available.
  • Providing a professional reference that does not follow the reference requirements as listed in STEP 2.
  • When applicable (SE applicants), not receiving the academic institution’s official course syllabi for courses completed and taken in the year indicated on the corresponding transcript.
  • Failure to provide additional documents as requested by the College.
  • Failure to submit all required documents within the 6 month timeline.

Q.  I am graduating from an accredited/approved social work program in the next month.  Which category of application should I choose?  Student or another?

A.  Student membership is not a route to registration.  When you apply to the College for registration you will apply into the type and category you wish to be registered in when the process is complete. 

Q.  I am currently unemployed, which category should I apply under?

A. Applicants do not need to be employed to register in the practicing category. Applicants who choose the practicing category and are unemployed will be required to obtain professional liability insurance.  The College will send directions on how to obtain professional liability insurance once your application has been approved.  

Are you actively looking for employment?  The practicing category may be a good fit because once you are a member of the College you can use the designation RSW and title Social Worker on your resume and cover letters.

Members in the non practicing category cannot use the designation RSW or the title Social Worker.  They can indicate that they are a non-practicing member of the College.

The application process for practicing and non practicing applications is the same.  You can adjust your category any time by letting the College know, remember to apply into the category you wish to be registered in when the application process is complete.  

Q. I am employed in a role that does not use the title Social Worker.  Which category of registration should I apply in? 

A. If you are using your social work skills, knowledge and experience to inform your current position or your social work degree is a requirement of the position then you are required to register in the practicing category.

Q.  How does one obtain Professional Liability Insurance if my employer does not have it or I am unemployed?  

A.  Professional liability insurance is the last step required for registration in the Practicing category.  When your application for registration is approved the College will send instructions to you on how to obtain it, if applicable. 

Q.  How do I know if my employer holds professional liability insurance for my position?

A. If you are employed, ask your supervisor if your position is covered under their professional liability insurance plan.  If the answer is no, then you must obtain this insurance to be in the practicing category.  

Q. What can I do to streamline my application?

A.  Applicants can order supporting documents (see STEP 2) prior to applying for registration.  By having the supporting documentation at the ready and sending everything in as one package you will decrease the time it takes to complete your application for registration. 

*Please do not submit documents prior to submitting your application.

Q.  I am a social work student who will be graduating from an accredited social work program.  When should I apply for registration?

A.  It is prudent for students to wait until they have completed all the requirements to graduate before they apply for registration with the College.  There is no benefit to applying early, as applications can not be approved until a letter of eligibility to graduate, or a transcript showing degree awarded is submitted to the College (both of which requires you to have completed all requirements to graduate).

Letters of eligibility to graduate are only available from the registrars’ office in the short time between when your final marks are posted and when degrees are conferred.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to these documents, and both this letter and your transcript must be submitted to MCSW directly from the registrar’s office of the academic institution.  If your transcript is available, letters will not be accepted in its place.

It is important to note that your transcript will still be required once it is available from the academic institution.

If you wish to streamline your application please order your supporting documentation (see STEP 2) prior to applying for registration (approximately 6 weeks prior should be sufficient).  Please do not submit supporting documentation prior to applying for registration.

Q.  I currently reside outside of Canada, and would be considered an international applicant, but am planning to move to Manitoba.  Can I become registered prior to my arrival?

A.  To be eligible to apply for registration with MCSW, you must have the following;

Q.  How do I submit my supporting documents to the College?

A.  Please refer to STEP 2 of the applicant step description for your route of entry.  There are no exceptions made to the submission instructions.  Please do not submit your supporting documentation prior to applying.  

Q.  Where do I send my documents that can be submitted electronically?

A.  There are very few items that can be submitted electronically (original documents are required – see STEP 2 for the list).  Those that can be submitted this electronically please send to admin@mcsw.ca.

Q.  How do I get the original documents to the College?

A.  Many applicants mail their original documents to the office. You can also drop off in person or use the drop slot at 101-2033 Portage Avenue during office hours 8:30am – noon & 1pm to 4pm if that is convenient for you.

Your original transcript can be mailed directly from the academic institution to the College at your request.  This is the preferred way for the College to receive your transcript.  If the registrar’s office is able to email transcripts please have them email directly to admin@mcsw.ca

Q.  Can I get the original documents back?

A.  Yes.  Please enclose a self-addressed and self stamped envelope with your documents indicating where you would like them returned.

Q. If I am not employed in a social work capacity, how do I navigate the professional reference requirement?

A. The College requires the professional reference to be your most recent supervisor(s) (social work related or not).  This can be your most recent employment, private practice, volunteer or practicum supervisor. You can read more about the requirements here: Reference Requirements.

Q. My supervisor is not a social worker nor do they hold a designation of any kind.  Can they complete the professional reference form?

A. Yes! Professional references do not need to be social workers or hold designations.  The only qualification they need is to be your supervisor.

Q.  How do I know if the College has received the documents I have sent in?

A.  Log into your Applicant Portal to review the list of submitted and outstanding documentation.  Please give College staff 10 business days to log submitted documentation before contacting the College to follow up.

Q. Once all documents are received how long does it take to find out the decision of the College?

A.  The review process takes between 3 – 6 weeks.  You will receive an email from the College with your notice of decision and the steps to activate your registration if applicable.

Q.  What are the possible outcomes for an application?

A.  Upon review of your application for registration, the Registrar may:

  • determine that your application has met all the criteria for registration and issue a certificate of registration.
  • issue a certificate of registration subject to terms, conditions or limitations.
  • determine that your application has not met the criteria for registration and not approve your application.