Criminal Records Checks

In response to barriers created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Manitoba College of Social Workers (“the College”) will temporarily accept criminal record declarations in the event that an applicant is unable to obtain the required criminal record check due to the suspension of the following police services:

  • fingerprints
  • Equifax verification
  • RCMP detachment is closed and criminal record check services unavailable (applicants outside Capital region only)

Application Process

If unable to submit a criminal records check, including the vulnerable sector check, as part of your application, please submit the following:

Expedited Application Process


For applicants with an accredited or approved social work degree previously registered in good standing with the Manitoba College of Social Workers within the previous five (5) years and returning to practice to provide service in response to a pandemic or official state of emergency.

Expedited Application Policy

Application Process

To start the application process, please follow the step-by-step instructions below. The final page of the Online Application Form is the non-refundable application fee payment of $100.00. You must pay online by Visa, MasterCard or Visa/Debit.

The Online Application Form and all required documentation must be submitted to complete your application package and begin the evaluation process.  If additional information is required, you will be contacted by the College Office.

Notification of approved applications for registration will be sent by email to the applicant.  Payment of the registration fee is required within 30 days of the approval date.  Please CLICK HERE for fee information.

Incomplete applications will expire 6 months from the date the Online Application Form was submitted.

Step 1

To begin your application click below and register as a NEW USER.
Applicant Portal

*Professional Liability Insurance is required for members in the Practicing category.  If you do not hold professional liability insurance, you will have 14 days to obtain it after your application is approved.  For more information CLICK HERE.

Step 2

Submit the following documentation to the College Office. Please note documents may be submitted together or as they become available.

  • Full legal name must be used.  Copy of Government-issued photo ID – driver’s license or passport (or other photo ID which includes birth date – upload to Applicant Portal or email to
    • Please submit a copy of proof of name change (if name on your transcript is different from the name on your application) to
  • Verification of return to practice due to pandemic or state of emergency.  Examples include:
    • Copy of a letter of application and position description directly related to pandemic/emergency response services
    • Letter sent directly to the College from the applicant’s employer/potential employer confirming that the applicant has applied for a position to provide services directly related to a pandemic or formal state of emergency
  • Criminal Records/Abuse Registry Check Declaration
    • Original Record/Abuse Registry Checks will be due within 6 months of the date of approval. Original documents are required and must be mailed to the College or dropped off in person.  If you would like the originals returned, please include a note. (If original Self-Checks conducted within the last 6 months are on file with your employer, please contact MCSW at 204-888-9477)
    • Criminal Record Check including Vulnerable Sector Search (completed within previous 6 months of application). Criminal record checks from the RCMP or local Police Stations outside of Winnipeg are also accepted if they include the Vulnerable Sector Search.  Note: Records Checks from and Commissionaires are NOT accepted (they do not perform vulnerable sector checks). Vulnerable Sector Searches reveal pardons for sexual offences.  Applicants who currently reside or have resided outside of Canada must provide criminal record/registry checks based on a nationwide search from the appropriate law enforcement agency in that country, if an equivalent check is available.  Please contact the College for more information
    • Manitoba Child Abuse Registry Self-Check (completed within previous 6 months of application)
    • Manitoba Adult Abuse Registry Self-Check (completed within previous 6 months of application)
  • Verification of Registration and Licensure for Social Work Regulators (for applicants currently or previously registered in another province or country)
  • Verification of Registration and Licensure for Other Regulators (for applicants currently or previously registered in another profession)
  • Verification of Legal Entitlement to Work in Canada required for applicants born outside of Canada
    • Canadian Citizenship card, Permanent Resident (of Canada) card, Work (in Canada) Permit