College News

Notice of Election – Board of Directors

The Manitoba College of Social Workers (MCSW) is holding its Annual General Meeting and Education Event on Thursday, October 10, 2019 at the Victoria Inn located at 1808 Wellington Ave, Winnipeg, MB.  The MCSW Nominating Committee is pleased to announce current nominees to the Board of Directors.  Members, please review the nominee biographies and election statements in preparation for online elections, which will begin on August 26, 2019.

2019-20 Board of Directors Nominees

If you have any questions regarding the election nominations, please contact the College at for further information.

Proposed Amended and Re-stated By-Law – Committee Terms

Resolution of the MCSW Board

Red-lined version of provisionally amended By-Law

Revised version of provisionally amended By-Law

Finance Committee Seeking Public Representative

The Manitoba College of Social Workers is seeking a public representative to serve on its Finance Committee.  Individuals with financial backgrounds, such as chartered financial analysts and chartered professional accountants, are encouraged to apply.

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MCSW is partner to Winnipeg’s Indigenous Accord

The Manitoba College of Social Workers is pleased to formalize its commitment to reconciliation through its partnership with the City of Winnipeg as signatories to Winnipeg’s Indigenous Accord.  The College welcomes feedback from members regarding the ongoing development of our Partnership Plan!

Progress Report