What is Social Work?

Social work is a profession dedicated to helping individuals, families, groups and communities enhance their individual and collective well-being. The Social Work Profession Act defines the practice of social work as including the following objectives:

  1. To accomplish the core functions of social work including:
    Helping people obtain services relating to the basic human needs
    Counselling of individuals, families and groups, and
    Helping communities and groups provide or improve social and health services
  2. To assess, remediate and prevent social problems encountered by individuals, families and communities
  3. To enhance individual, family and community social functioning.

In Manitoba, only members of the Manitoba College of Social Workers are authorized to use the title Social Worker or represent themselves as Social Workers, expressly or by implication.


For the Public

How do I know that the Social Worker I am planning to see is registered with the College?

I am unhappy with the service I received from a Social Worker. Is there a complaints process?
Yes. The Manitoba College of Social Workers conducts investigations into complaints about Registered Social Workers. This process adheres to principles of administrative law and must be transparent, impartial, objective, and fair. Please CLICK HERE to learn more about the process of filing a complaint.


Benefits to Receiving Services from a Social Worker

Social Workers registered with the Manitoba College of Social Workers have provided evidence and assurance that they meet the minimum qualifications and standards required to practice Social Work safely, competently and ethically. As professionals, Social Workers are accountable for their actions and must adhere to the the College Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

Registration as a Social Worker demonstrates commitment to accountability, ethics and excellence in social work. In addition to being accountable to the public, Social Workers are accountable to the the College as required by legislation in the province of Manitoba. All members are accountable to practice in accordance with The Social Work Profession Act, the regulations made under the Act, and the by-laws of the College.


Register of Social Workers

Social Workers are employed in a variety of settings throughout Manitoba including but not limited to hospitals, schools, child welfare agencies, correctional institutions, non-profit community and social service organizations and increasingly, in private practice.

As a member of the public, it is a reasonable expectation to receive services from qualified and competent practitioners who adhere to professional standards and are accountable for their practice. All practicing Social Workers registered with the Manitoba College of Social Workers are issued an annual Certificate of Practice, which they are able to present upon request.

If you would like to determine whether a practitioner in the province of Manitoba is registered and regulated as a Social Worker, please call the College or click below to access the College Register of Social Workers, which is available to the public.  Annual registrations expire on March 31 of each year.

2018-2019 Register of Social Workers