Becoming a Social Worker Registered with the Manitoba College of Social Workers

Registration with the Manitoba College of Social Workers is a professional and legal responsibility for Social Workers as outlined in The Social Work Profession Act. Only those individuals registered with the Manitoba College of Social Workers have the legal right to use the title “Social Worker”, “Registered Social Worker” and/or represent themselves as Social Workers in Manitoba. Registered Social Workers are recognized as ethical and competent professionals who practice within recognized practice standards and who value public accountability.

Additional benefits to registration include:

  • Access to professional development opportunities geared specifically to Social Workers
  • Membership in provincial, national and international social work organizations that:
    • support professional regulation
    • promote the profession of social work
    • advocate for social justice
  • Professional Networking
    • registered Social Workers can expand their collegial networks through participation in the organization. Membership in MCSW offers a number of ways to develop your leadership skills and to network with Social Work colleagues.
  • Opportunities to honour excellence in Social Work
    • in March of each year, Social Workers throughout Manitoba celebrate National Social Work Week in recognition of the contributions of Social Workers to society. Nationally, the Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) also celebrates Social Work Month every March.
    • the CASW Distinguished Service Award (MB) is granted to an MCSW member or group of members who has made a significant contribution to the profession of Social Work. The recipient(s) of the Distinguished Service Award is usually honoured during Social Work Week, which takes place in March of each year.
  • Access to Professional Liability Insurance Program