Transferring between Categories

Members of the College who transfer between the Practicing and Non-Practicing categories during a registration year, will be required to pay the pro-rated monthly fees in each category. Any month in which a registrant has practiced, will be considered a month in which the Practicing fees shall apply.

NSF Cheques

A $50 fee will be applied in the event of returned/NSF cheques.

Late Payment of Fees

Full payment of fees are due March 1st of each year. Fees received between March 2nd and March 31st will be subject to an administrative late fee of $75 (including post-dated cheques after March 1st).


If fees are not received in full by March 31st registration will be cancelled.


Former members who fail to renew their registration by March 31st may apply for reinstatement until June 30th of the registration year in which they allowed their membership to lapse.  The reinstatement fee of $150 is in addition to the annual registration fee.


There are no refunds for application or registration fees.