The Social Work Profession Act (the SWPA) requires that every practicing registrant who holds a Certificate of Practice must be covered by, and maintain, professional liability insurance coverage.

Regulation 22 of the SWPA states:

A member who holds a certificate of practice must (a) be covered by professional liability insurance in an amount required by the College; and (b) promptly notify the registrar if he or she is no longer covered by the required professional liability insurance.

If employed with more than one organization (including private practice), MCSW Practicing registrants must be covered by professional liability insurance at each place of employment.

Registered Social Workers can obtain Professional Liability Insurance in several ways:

  1. In many cases, employers carry liability insurance for their Social Work staff, particularly in government and large institutions. Please check with your employer before purchasing liability insurance.
  2. The Manitoba College of Social Workers is part of a national Professional Liability Insurance program, offered through the Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW). As members of both the provincial and national organizations, individual MCSW members have the option of purchasing liability insurance through CASW.  (Download the brochure)
  3. Members can also choose to purchase professional liability insurance from an insurance provider of their choice.

The MCSW Board of Directors has set the required minimum value of insurance at $2,000,000.

All MCSW members are required to abide by the administrative policies, bylaws and regulations of the College, including the requirement to provide the Professional Liability Insurance Declaration Form upon application. The registrar may cancel a Certificate of Practice for failure to meet the renewal requirements (MCSW bylaw 5-1, 5-4.4).

If necessary, the College will provide the member with written notice of their failure to meet renewal requirements (which includes verification of Professional Liability Insurance). A copy of the cancellation notification must also be sent by registered mail to the member’s employer as shown on the records of the College (MCSW bylaw 5-4.4).