2022 Renewal Information Sheet

The Manitoba College of Social Workers (MCSW) registration period for Practicing and Non-Practicing members is from April 1 – March 31.  Renewals are open February 1 – March 1.  Members who renew between March 2 and March 31 are subject to an administrative late fee of $75.  Registrations are cancelled if full fees are not received by March 31.

All members engaged in the practice of social work as paid staff, unpaid staff, under contract, volunteer or in any other capacity (full-time, part-time, casual) must renew in the Practicing category.

Social Workers renewing in the Practicing category must have Professional Liability Insurance.

Social Workers wishing to transfer from the Practicing category to the Non-Practicing category must complete the Category Change Request form found in their Member Portal before renewal or as part of the renewal process and receive approval prior to transferring to the Non-Practicing category.

Certificates of Practice for the period of April 1 to March 31  will be available electronically on the MCSW Member Portal.


Annual registration fees are $360 for Practicing Social Workers, $180 for Non-Practicing Members and $180 for Electronic Social Work Practice Members.

Payment plans for renewal are no longer offered.  Full payment is required for the 2022 renewal. Please contact the College (info@mcsw.ca) prior to December 17, 2021 for assessment of any exceptional circumstance.

Continuing Competence Program & Renewal – Important Dates

The current 3-year cycle (2019-2022) ends March 31, 2022. All Practicing and Non-Practicing Members* are required to have met and report their specific CCP obligations for this 3-year cycle at renewal. Log into your Member Portal to review your specific hours requirement.

*Non-practicing members must report on activities that were required when registered in the Practicing category for any portion of the 3-year cycle.

Member will find the Continuing Competence Program Renewal Checklist on the Recording and Reporting Requirements section of the CCP webpage.

Please review the Continuing Competence Program webpage for a review of member responsibilities, tools you can use to navigate the program, and links to free learning activities.

Renewal Requirement for 2022:


Attention Practicing Members with an initial registration date between April 1, 2016 – March 31, 2017 (Certificates # 3905 – 4200).  Your initial registration date can be found on your Member Portal and on your Certificate of Registration.

In accordance with the Social Work Profession Regulation 12(2)(b), practicing members are required to submit updated record/registry checks every 5 years.  Please note that the College is obligated to implement this government-legislated requirement and cannot authorize exemptions.

1) Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Check from the police service in your jurisdiction of residence.
2) Child Abuse Registry SELF Check and;
2) Adult Abuse Registry SELF Check

Records Check Renewal Policy

Document criteria include;
1) Documents must be dated within 12 months of submission date
2) The College is only permitted to accept SELF checks from the Abuse Registry office (agency or organization checks cannot be accepted)

Electronic copies will be accepted.  Upload your copies in your Member Portal at anytime.

If your employer has recent checks on file, please complete the Employer Confirmation of Checks Form to submit/verify these documents. Employers can fax or scan/email this form to admin@mcsw.ca with copies of your checks to the College.

Practicing members who require Record/Registry Check are encouraged to renew before March 1, 2022 to avoid late fees.  Renewed members will have until March 31, 2022 to upload any outstanding Record/Registry Checks.

Non Practicing members are not required to submit Records/Registry Checks at renewal.  If your initial registration date is prior to March 31, 2017, these checks will be required when you move to the Practicing category.


Members who cannot obtain a Criminal Record Check including the Vulnerable Sector Search (CRC-VSS) via their local RCMP office because of office closures/service interruptions, may submit checks from the Commissionaires Office that do not include the VSS.

Commissionaires criminal records checks will only be accepted with verification of a member’s inability to obtain a CRC-VSS.  Verification may include correspondence with your RCMP office or a member’s written statement detailing attempts to obtain a CRC-VSS.

The Winnipeg Police Service in person and online ePIC system are open and available to members who reside within Winnipeg city limits.  Brandon Police Service is open and available to members who reside in the Brandon city limits.

The Adult and Child Abuse Registry Check service continues to process online registry check applications.

Steps to Renew – print here

  1. Log into Member Portal
  2. Submit Record/Registry Checks (required for certificates between 3905-4200)
  3. Update Continuing Competency Program Profile
  4. Complete Renewal Form
  5. Complete payment online
  6. Confirm completion by viewing Certificate of Practice (for practicing members) and receipt in Member Portal

Practicing (ESWP) – electronic social work practice only members are required to submit an In Good Standing Certificate Form to all Canadian social work regulators where they hold active registration.