The Standards of Practice for Social Workers set out fundamental standards of professional practice for members of the Manitoba College of Social Workers (MCSW). This is in accordance with the vision of MCSW to serve the public interest through the regulation of, and support to, the social work profession in Manitoba (MCSW Bylaw, Article 1-3 – Vision).

While it is recognized that there are variations in practice methods and settings throughout Manitoba, the Standards are intended to apply to a broad scope of Social Work practice. The Standards of Practice describe the basis on which safe, competent and ethical practice is conducted. For each of the Standards, practice directives have been provided to guide Social Work practice and conduct. All Social Workers and Social Work students are encouraged to be familiar with the Standards of Practice as a significant reference for professional practice and conduct in Manitoba.

Download the Standards of Practice

The use of technology has become a key component of social work practice.  In order to provide guidance and support to Social Workers in this area, the Manitoba College of Social Workers has adopted the 2017 Standards for Technology in Social Work Practice.  Members are encouraged to become familiar with these standards as a reference for their professional practice and conduct.

Download the 2017 Standards for Technology in Social Work Practice

Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) Information for Social Workers

Federal legislation (Bill C-14) governing Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) came into effect in June 2016. The Manitoba College of Social Workers has developed a reference document for Social Workers related to MAID in response to this legislative change.

MAID Information Summary

Practice Guidance for Private Practitioners

Private Practice Requirements

The Manitoba College of Social Workers Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice outline specific requirements for Social Workers in private practice.  This includes an obligation for private practitioners to maintain regular supervision.  Grandparented RSWs must ensure their practice limitation(s) permit them to enter into private practice.  For more information about standards and guidelines for Social Workers in private practice, review Standards 2.1 and 7 of the MCSW Standards of Practice and Guideline 5 in the MCSW Code of Ethics.  Members are encouraged to consult the Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) Member’s Portal, Private Practice Portal, available via the “Members” tab.

Adoption Home Studies – Important Information for Private Practitioners

At the request of the Manitoba Central Adoption Registrar, please be advised that Manitoba adoption legislation includes specific restrictions regarding the completion of adoption homestudies by private practitioners.  Legislation requires that adoption services shall only be provided by a Child and Family Services agency or by a private licensed adoption agency and a homestudy shall be prepared by a social worker on behalf of an agency.  To learn more, please review the Adoption Regulation with particular attention to sections 2, 3 and 17.