The Manitoba College of Social Workers grants the designations “Registered Social Worker” and “Social Worker” to registrants in good standing that signify that you:

  • Are entitled to practice as a Social Worker in Manitoba
  • Possess social work knowledge and skills
  • Are committed to maintaining and increasing professional knowledge through ongoing professional education
  • Belong to a community of qualified and competent professionals committed to adhering to an approved Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

The designations “Social Worker”, “Registered Social Worker”, “S.W.” and “R.S.W” are important distinctions that the College encourages Practicing Social Workers to use to promote professionalism in social work.

Designations authorized by MCSW are limited to those listed above.


Practicing Social Workers

The College authorizes the use of the titles : “Social Worker” or “Registered Social Worker” for Practicing Members.

The Social Work Profession Regulation, Subsection 21(1), states all Members registered in the Practicing category are legally required to include in their signature their highest post-secondary social work degree, their position title, and their professional designation (RSW).

    i.e. Kate Carter, MSW, RSW

Non-Practicing Social Workers

Those registered in the Non-Practicing Category may represent themselves as Non-Practicing members of the Manitoba College of Social Workers. Since The Social Work Profession Act limits the use of the titles and designations “Social Worker”, “Registered Social Worker”, “SW” or “RSW.” to those who hold a valid Certificate of Practice, Non-Practicing Members must be cautious about the use of the title “Social Worker” so as not to mislead the public that they are currently authorized to practice as a Social Worker.


Those on the Student Register may represent themselves as Social Work Student members of the Manitoba College of Social Workers. Student membership does not authorize the use of the title or representation “Social Worker”, “Registered Social Worker” or the designation “SW” or “RSW”


Social Workers who hold a doctoral degree and who choose to use the title “doctor” may do so but must ensure their social work credential is clearly indicated so as not to mislead the public. If practicing in a health care setting, Social Workers with doctoral degrees must be particularly mindful of their representation in order to ensure that the title in that setting does not mislead the public or colleagues, that that he or she is a Doctor of Medicine. [SWPA Regulation 21(2)]

Use of Title and Designation – Social Worker, RSW: Important Information for Members and their Employers